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GP Systems is in its 4th decade and was founded by George Papadopoulos. Today, GP Systems  is a modern dynamic company and due to the high level of experience, organization, passion and expertise is one of the most developing companies in the field of Security Systems. Always prioritizing the satisfaction of customer needs GP Systems is involved in the production of high precision security systems looking forward in future co operations with the best in their fields of competence.

GP Systems has extensive experience in:

  • Design and implementation of closed circuit television systems, access control systems and complete security solutions. The services offered apply to industry, commerce, tourism, maritime enterprises, banks, hospitals etc.
  • Design and installation of integrated cable networks for data transfer applications in buildings.
  • Design and installation of Industrial control applications as well as Human Resources data collecting and processing systems.
  • Design and installation of fully automated informational systems for the control of access control and electronic security
  • Integrated Security Consulting services.
  • Implementation of large scale electronic/mechanical engineering equipment projects in Lagos, Nigeria. Specifically, lighting-engineering installations and automation systems, access control and surveillance of 48 docks in Tin Can Island Port , Apapa Port – Lagos and Benin State University of Nigeria.
  • Complete security solutions for VIP homes with increased security requirements.

Alarm systems are one of the most widespread security systems because of their effectiveness and their relatively low cost. The role of the alarm is to secure’s indoor and outdoor area with the aid of special detection devices.

CCTV surveillance and recording systems include security cameras and multiple devices that can offer customers access to a live view of  when they’re away from their home or business. Investing in a remote video surveillance system is crucial to the well-being and safety of your home or business.

The advancements in video surveillance technology have made it possible to view your remote security camera from any internet-enabled PC or smartphone.

The truth is that an alarm system does not guaranty that someone will not invade your property but it assures that it will detect any movement and give signal immediately! The work of GP SYSTEMS SECURITY begins just here as we get the burglary signal. We are your 24-hour guards, with a 24 hour service for you.

The installation of an integrated Access Control System aims TO the continuous monitoring and management of the access of people to areas such as computer rooms, warehouses, etc., 24 hours a day, so as to avoid undesirable situations such as equipment theft, invasion and sabotage.

FirePro designs, manufactures and distributes worldwide the environment friendly FirePro Condensed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Technology Systems. FirePro is the leading brand in the condensed aerosol fire extinguishing technology for the past two decades.

Fire detector systems detect fire and smoke in buildings (home, offices, business premises, car park, etc.) on time,  especially in places where there is no human presence on a permanent basis.

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