GP SYSTEMS studies your needs and proposes personalized solutions that turn your home into a “fortress” using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and motion detection technologies. The solutions face threats that surpass the classic intruder alarm, and are designed with countless combinations and “scenarios”, depending on the needs of the space and the customer. From burglar alarms, to fire detection, flood, medical assistance, personal threat signals, GP SYSTEMS Intelligent Monitoring protects you in the most effective way.

GP Systems is a pioneer
with personalized solutions that go beyond
a simple alarm system


GP Systems Smart Tech All in One

The top alarm system GP Systems Smart Tech All in One differs from the traditional conventional systems you knew until now! Pioneers and combines safety not only in the event of a breach of space but enables you to be alerted to fire, flood or temperature rise detection. In addition, you have the ability to create combinations and “scenarios” according to your needs such as turning on lights after a violation, operation of electrical appliances, fire extinguishing and many other applications protecting you in the most effective way!


More than 5,000 companies and individuals have entrusted us with their safety.