GP Systems has a complete range of technologies
from the most reliable technology companies that specialize
in access control systems.

After careful study of your space and needs, we can design systems of
highest safety and precision to prevent unauthorized entry of vehicles or persons.

The construction sizes and the combination of systems and technologies are completely personalized to better meet the specific requirements, adhering to the strictest technological specifications and safety protocols.

Necessary in military installations, security units, shopping malls, hotels, consulates, and public buildings, where high-security measures are required but infrastructure problems are encountered.


The installation is done in a way that combines convenience, speed and technological accuracy, allowing the adaptation of existing structures when existing, without having to change the system installed.

  • Vehicle access control systems
  • Safety tourniquet
  • Submersible automatic / semi-automatic poles
  • Road Blockers
  • Automatic / manual transit control bars
  • Electric arms
  • Submersible columns-bollards
  • Vehicle terminals — Vehicle identification system
  • Staff access & time attendance control systems
  • Visitor control systems / Entrance-Exit units
  • Parking management systems
  • Flood Barriers
  • Optical revolving gates
  • Biometric systems
  • Magnetic card Identification
  • Camera Face recognition
  • Fingerprint / Iris recognition
  • PIN code set


More than 5,000 companies and individuals have entrusted us their safety.